How to manage the press work?

To manage the press work you should be fit for:

  • production of press releases,
  • SEO optimization in the text,
  • spreading of the press releases,
  • evaluating of relevant press platforms,
  • taking care of your different kinds of press-customers like “First Class Press” demonstrates it here:

In our company we write the press releases in house, but we have the special redactors and people, who works on the SEO optimization of the texts and on professional spreading of the press releases across the world wide web. But, actually, if we have no time, we use the very easy Quack-!-Quack platform to get more traffic on our company website.

Duck Joker, 38 years
Press speaker in the family company.

Press work is a terrible work field. I don’t like it.

Rhianna, 29 years
Packaging company.

Press work… Yes, we must do it, if we have free time between the meetings and consultations.

Sophia, 32 years
Consulting company.

I don’t know, what my employees think about it, I just said them once, they should use micro blogs and professionals from outside, who knows exactly how it works, with information spreading.

Richard Bloggs, 36 years
Engineering company.

Listen: I work as secretary since 30 years.. I like press work, sometimes I hate it, because of so many press contacts, that I should keep in mind, but, you know what? My daughter showed me the new tool, it looks like a microblog, she writes small notices and posts bookmarks for the school. At this moment I thought, hey, why I can’t use it in my work? After placing the press release on our company webpage I just posted a few words on that Quack-!-Pong-thing and we got in fact more traffic.

Monneypenny, 58 years, but still looks good 🙂
The other queen company, you know…

06.04.2020 Examples for the customer voices in marketing interviews about press work