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Business and Economic Development branch gives us the possibility to place one million advertising banners for free as a test on different moderated and managed ✓ promotion, ✓ news, and ✓ catalog platforms throw the system of

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everything for online press releases

Marketing for press work

Marketing for press work – PR technics

To push your press release to the better positions online you need some external links to your website. The easiest way to create the

  • direct,
  • do-index,
  • do-follow,
  • do-ping
  • SEO link

is to use the service of

Marketing for press work – backlink

  1. Just add your domain after slash like that: or enter your URL into the form and get the URL.
  2. Second step is the placing of this link on your website.

The SEO professionals call it backlink and link-building.

Marketing for press work – ping

The fastest results are preferred by search engines. The ping option increase the quality of internet connection to your website, so the internet nodes will be updated with information how your website is to achieve.

Marketing for press work – SEO link for free

At this moment you can get the SEO link for free!

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everything for online press releases

Safety 1st on FirstClassPress

Why not that kind of press work? Something about air quality in NY and the real estate prices as indices You can just click around here to find more environment and real estate market information

everything for online press releases

How to spread press releases

First of all here is the instrument for spreading of the press releases: Microblog Quack-!-Quack